Welcome at my first and the only site! My name is Busty Pam and I decided to try my powers in modeling world. I have something to offer and to show off. My pictures were taken in many different situations and various places, I want to give the mall to see and enjoy. I am ready to do everything to make you fell satisfied. With my beautiful set of huge boobs, I think it not gonna be anything difficult Lets stay good friends, Ill give you myself in every possible way, from you I only want you attention to me and my charming body. These are first galleries, if youd maybe want something extra of me, no problem, like a Santa Claus I love to make the dreams a true! Just write me and show your desire!

My Photo Album
Getting horny in kitchen
I can`t tell you the place I haven`t fuck in. I was making love in various places, sometimes even wild. So this gallery maybe isn`t very special, cause it`s the kitchen only, and we don`t have sex (cause we`re right before), but I guess that you`ll like it anyway. Again two sets of big breasts for you to enjoy!
Fresh Playboy`s face ;)
Did you hear the Playboy has some fresh model? They say that she`s very attractive and charming. Supposedly she owns a beautiful set of huge boobs and loves to show them off ;) Her name is busty Pam and she wants to rule the big boob models world ;) Come in, see bubbles and die of love.
For the big boobs connoisseurs
Boobs are definitely the best of me, I always hear this and it must be truth. Last days I`ve noticed that all nude posing doesn`t make me feel shy anymore, I feel more comfy showing myself off. It means only that you will get more hardcore galleries and movies soon!
Everytyhing for my dear Boss
See, I take care about my boss not only by good-working for him, making coffee or tea, receiving phone calls. I try to guarantee him an enjoyable sights in office, especially when we are alone and he locks the doors from inside to spend some time only with me ;)
Eternizing me
What would I do if there were no cameras? The world would forget about me after a couple of days if I`d decide to stop doing sessions. Brrr, I hate thinking about it. Come in and see me in action doing my new teasing video. It`s not very hardcore but cool for sure.
Double beautiful gallery
What is better than set of huge boobs shown explicit? Two sets of heavy boobs! ;) I`ve got up to know this pretty brunette in club, she was dancing crazy and her tits were flying all over the place. I immediately knew that I want her to accompany me in another nude boob`s gallery! Do you like her and want to show her in the future?
Come closer and touch
If I have sex with guy who doesn`t pay his attention to my breasts, I don`t meet him again. This is the first and most important thing to me. Every girl has pussy and it can`t be very different from others, but boobs can and I think my massive bubbles deserve on your special attention when I give myself for you to eat me alive!
Busty Deer strikes :D
This antler isn`t fake, it`s real. It so amazing big and heavy-looking that I had to make some souvenir pictures with it in background ;) By the way I lifted my cheetah skirt up to show you my favorite, spotted panties. Sure you want me to take them off ;)
Almost like an Artnude
Yeah, make some artnude gallery so I give you myself to eat alive in reward. Think that this is easy to make? Forget about it ? Think, you have to combine porn nudity and some artistic idea in one And you have to do it well! This is not good example of what I am saying now, but we`re just getting warmed up before real challenge!
A little braver gallery
Hi, I am Busty Pam, new model who`s gonna rule the web ;) I would like to get up to know you guys, I need my members area to grow fast ? So I am decided to show you all the best of me, and maybe even more. This is one of the first picture galleries I ever had. So what do you think?

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